HELLO and welcome to flightlife — a travel and lifestyle blog, written by a 20 something year old stewardess. I’m “M” – марина стюардесс the founder and author of this creative outlet. flightlife is a travel and lifestyle blog created to document my adventures. You’ll find a bit of everything from things to do, sights to see, things to eat/drink, and things to shop for. You will also find my love for local artisans around the world. They make great souvenirs — Forget about those magnets on your fridge!  

I became cabin crew in 2016 when I felt unfulfilled in my previous endeavours. Before flying, I embarked on adventures in biology, real estate, and education. I wear many hats and I guess you could say that I get bored easily.  I’m much more fulfilled these days. Waking up every day and wondering “Where am I?” is a wonderful privilege.

Wherever it is that I am, I hope that this blog serves as an opportunity to share my experiences and help you see the world through my lens. I also want to encourage you to travel and see the world for yourself.

Stay tuned for travel tips and tricks as well.