26 NOV 2018


December Roster

After what seemed like a lifelong hiatus, I’m finally back to work and flying again! I’m very excited to be back — I was actually starting to go crazy just being around my family so much. I started to remember why I started flying in the first place and recalling all the positive aspects of my job. Fingers crossed that my expectations are met and double fingers crossed that I’ll no longer be pestered by family for the next month or so. 

This is my first “official” month back and this is what December is looking like:

• Copenhagen
• New York
• Stockholm
• Amsterdam

• Oslo, Norway
• Paris
• Madrid

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but I have a few repeats for Sweden. I also have standby days at the beginning of the month and standby on Christmas Day & New Years Eve as well. I have no idea where I’ll be, but wherever it is, I hope it’s somewhere good. & more importantly, I hope I have good colleagues!

Copenhagen, Denmark -- One of my favourite Winter destinations... but where will I be for Christmas & New Years Eve this year?

Update: I had my first flight and I wasn’t impressed nor pleased. Thankfully, it was quite a good crew. The layover was a little bit less than 24hrs, so my rest was not optimal. But is the rest ever enough in this industry? I also woke up at 2am and twiddled my thumbs for the next few hours until I could fall back asleep. Ahh, the glamorous Flightlife that I chose.

Right now, I’m currently not enjoying my layovers updating as much because I have my recurring “IOE” (initial operating experience) and I’m stressed beyond belief. An IOE is pretty much when a higher ranked colleague watches over you, takes notes, and grills you on all the tough questions about emergency equipment, general procedures, and emergency procedures while you work. It’s incredibly important to know these things, but man… most of the things have to be verbatim as per the company’s manual. Apparently, I forgot a few words during my hiatus. Fingers cross that I’ll pass. If you guys have any study tips that won’t bore me to tears, please tell me your secrets!


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    1. M
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      Thank you very much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the content 🙂


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